Tuesday, 6 August 2013

In the beginning

In the beginning, I was a little girl.  I had long hair in braids and I was slightly awkward.  I always felt a little out of place, and I was quite sure I didn't fit in.  I was a dreamer and I lived my life full of whimsy.

Now I am the statistical definition of "middle class" in Australia - a woman in her middle 30's, married with two children and cat.  We have a modest mortgage, two cars and live in the suburbs.  I work fulltime in shift work and like 40% of Australian women, I have a university degree.

I drink too much coffee and probably not enough good wine.  I try to eat chocolate everyday and I usually succeed.  It's important to have realistic goals.  I enjoy knitting.  I lean left and I'm socially liberal.  I try to only buy eggs from hens that lead happy fulfilling existences and I like red meat.

This blog will be a reflection of me.  The me that grew from a little girl with dreams and whimsy.